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I invite you to join me for an immersive and interactive experience by embracing the fusion of true San Francisco taste with art in its many forms. We are curators of our own content and eclectic experiences. Come join the enigma and participate in a digital art immersive experience with style. 

Interaction. Experience a creative visionary Mariya Milovidova - whose work illuminates the entire venue, alongside culinary chefs, and artistic entrepreneurs. Watch as they invite you to experience these dishes in a complete artistic sensory way, unlike anything you have ever experienced. 

Storytelling. Discover the magic. Enjoy Interactive Experiences. Listen to the story and immerse yourself behind each piece of art.

Connection. Get a taste of San Francisco’s unique and most fascinating infused culture through art in its finest and most immersive form. Food. Music. Wine. And Fashion. Connect through ideas. Connect through intrinsic value. Connect with one-another.

Creative Producers Mariya Milovidova MM Art & Fashion and Claire Hultin - CH: Enterprises: Event, Marketing, and PR develop an interactive story-telling event with interwoven theatrical performances and immersive visualizations that not only allow "the user" to interact and socialize, but tell their own visual story while utilizing the senses. Visualizations interrelated to each food bought out are projected onto the tables and walls accompanied by ambient mists; with different eclectic styles of music serving as a soundtrack. 



6:30 pm – 7:30 pm – Mingle & Networking | Introduction by Harvard JD Brad Carrick and Fatemah Nikechi, Claire Hultin, and Mariya Milovidova.  Performance + Wine Whisky & Beer Tasting | Whiskies of The World & Mora Estate Wine | Palmia Beer 

7:30- pm 9:00 pm – Showcase of 5 different tasting foods and light bites + desert with immersive theatrical performances throughout. Each dish displays a story behind the creation of the dish and will be presented throughout venue immersed with interwoven art by Mariya Milovidova.

9:00 pm – 9:30 pm- Speakers Topic: Art, Food, & Fashion 

10:00 pm – 12:00 – DJ Meikee Magnetic → 


NON PROFIT PARTNER: We have partnered with the non-profit "The National Forests Foundation" - so that we can give back in a beautiful and unique way. We make it easy – $1 from your ticket, plants 1 native tree in your ticket holder name on a National Forest in need of reforestation. A tree that keeps your name for centuries to follow! And for a dollar invested in the Plant-a-Tree program, the U.S. Forest Service matches $2 of value in project support and implementation. With the National Forest Foundation, it’s simple. The goal is to plant 50 million trees. You got it, one dollar, one tree!” 


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Sponsors: Z Cioccolato, Whiskies of the World, SF Meatball Bar, Palmia, Tacko, Mora Estate Wine



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