Introducing MM for OKO Zodiac Hand-Painted Leather Purse Collection

One of things I enjoy about being an artist and designer is the flexibility and freedom of collaborating with other artists and creating magic together. :) In December of last year, I attended a local holiday fair.  In the minute I opened the door and came inside the building where the event was taking place, I noticed a table with delicate leather bags and jewelry that took my breath away. At the same time, those amazing works of art looked very familiar and I realized that I recognized them from my friends' posts on Facebook.  Once I saw the woman standing next to the table, I recognized the creator behind the magic OKO leather handbags. We were friends on Facebook already, but it was the first time when we met in real life. It was a funny coincidence, because when I wanted to start talking, Olga said she recognized me right away from Facebook as well.  :) 
A couple weeks later, I sent out my first 2017 newsletter and the first response I got was from Olga! She wanted to collaborate on leather purse collection. We met for coffee in beautiful downtown Redwood City a few days later to talk more about it. It turned out that Olga really liked my Zodiac horoscope collection and wanted to create limited edition collection of hand-painted purses with my images of Zodiac signs. While we were talking we thought it would be a good idea to put a contract together and we realized that we were working with the same lawyer, Brad Carrick of Creative Startup Labs, who is also well known in San Francisco Bay Area, especially in art and fashion industry.  Brad was always encouraging me to push my Zodiac collection further, predicting a great future for it.  True enough, this collection is becoming more and more successful, taking the form of limited edition art prints, scarves, and clothing that I am selling.
Now, I am proud to announce that the collaboration with OKO Handbags is ready and these one-of-a-kind, hand-painted purses are available here on my website for you to own as well!  


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