LA Fashion Week and The Mademoiselle French Collection Magazine Announcement

Dear friends,
As some of you know I have done San Francisco,New York, and Paris Fashion Weeks. However, I haven't done LA until now, even though, LA is much closer than Paris and New York. Every single one of the Fashion Weeks I did was amazing and unique in it's own and one of the best things about it of course were the new connections of amazing friends and faithful customers I met along the way.
I just came back from LA this week and although it was only a three day day. It feels that I spent much longer there because of how eventful that weekend was. The trip started with attending Style Fashion Week, where I ended up running into my Facebook friend famous LA fashion photographer Eric Epperson and where I ended up meeting some new friends. Thanks to my friend and model Ann Shin who told me about this event and came along on this trip to support my works to walk the runway modeling my designs in Malibu the next day :)
The second day in Malibu was the reason I came to LA in company of my husband Leo to give me all the support I needed and he was the best at it :) Thanks babe! And I have to say it was so worth coming there, because the event exceeded my expectations. I had a feeling that it would be something amazing, but it was more than this! Al Harris and Raquel Sanchez of Kiss the Monkeys did incredible job producing this exclusive event. I was honored and excited to present my new Cosmopolitan Collection of dresses and paintings to elite audience including such notable guests as Beverly Hills mayor  John A. Mirisch and his beautiful guest interior designer Karina Rizzo, His Highness Prince Mario Max Schaumburg Lippe, Kris Jenner's beautiful sister Karen Houghton, and many many other notable guests. Karen Houghton's daughter and Kim Kardashian's cousin Natalie Zettel looked stunning on stage wearing one of my designs on stage, the gown named SF Palace based on my original SF Palace watercolor painting and you can find both of these items here on my website among the featured items from my new Cosmopolitan Collection.
(photography by Joseph Glosz)
I am thankful to incredibly talented and beautiful model, dancer, singer, and choreographer Michelle Grey who helped choreograph entire presentation and rocked the stage wearing my Hollywood Gown gown based on my painting with the same name, which can be found and purchased UGallery, while the actual one of a limited edition gown can be found here on my website.
(photography by Dan Coquia)
Also, I am happy to say that I was invited come back to LA to show again and I have a feeling that I'll be coming there more often now :)
(photography by N2Design).
Also, I'd like to make another announcement.  The Mademoiselle French Collection Magazine by Victoria Napolitano with her amazing photography featuring some designs modeled by my brand ambassador Svetlana Jilenko along with paintings from my Cosmopolitan Collection, which is out now! This magazine is distributed to high end hotels all over US, including the Ritz-Carlton and Fairmont Hotels and there is an online version available, which you can check out here:

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