MM hits Neiman Marcus and Santana Row

As soon as I got back from Europe last week, I had two events lined up. First up, presenting my work at Neiman Marcus at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto.  Big thanks to my good friends KC Wisdom and Seline Elin who invited me to participate, and to my friend and attorney Brad Carrick of Creative Startup Labs who came from San Francisco to support me as well as my good friend and new colleague Olga Kholodenko of OKO Handbags, and Olga Chervyakova from Olga Media.  And, of course, to my beautiful models who made it happen: Michelle Grey, Vigilant Sutherlin, and Trina-Palan-Soledad. In addition to showcasing my art and fashion, I presented the dresses with my patent-pending design based on a core of laced dress, that allows flexibility of one size fits all, starting with a single dress covering from size 0 to 12 and beyond.  I'd like to thank Eric Rodrigues, VP of Neiman Marcus and Jennifer M. Wooding, Public Relations Manager of Neiman Marcus.  Here are a couple of pictures from the event for you to enjoy. :) 

The following day right after the big presentation at Neiman Marcus, I had an opening reception for the Art & Fashion exhibit at the beautiful Kashmir Art Gallery where I presented my work as well.  Originally, it was supposed to be a three-day pop-up Art and Fashion Exhibit, but due to the high success of the exhibit, the owner Mir Waseem extended this exhibit indefinitely!  Now I'm proud to say that my work is represented at his beautiful gallery - right in the heart of Santana Row. Take a look at some pictures from my exhibit at Kashmir Art Gallery. :)

(Photography by KC Leung, Karla Meja and Brad Carrick. Models from Kashmir Art Gallery: Yamilet Camacho, Shannie Chen, and Ann Shin. Kashmir Art Gallery event covered by Olga Media.

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