MM Roars through Summer

Summer is in full swing and MM Art & Fashion is roaring like a lion on  Sales have been going way faster than expected and the available products are expanding quickly.  To complete the "Art & Fashion" duo, along with my scarves, my Zodiac sign print collection is now available.  It features prints of all 12 months of my original Zodiac horoscope paintings, available in a wide variety of mounted and canvas sizes to add some personal flair and meaning to any home decor. 

Also, I am offering 30% off of my entire Leo mini-collection (including the new Leo Purse) with the code MMLEO.  If you know anyone who has a Leo birthday, these make a great gift.  Or ... drop a hint yourself, Leos!  (Ok, more likely a roar than a hint...)

Enjoy the rest of Summer! 

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