My Fairest of Them All exhibit, NYE 2017, Palace of Fine Arts

My 2017 started with Kim Kardashian's cousin Natalie Zettel modeling my Palace of Fine Arts Gown based on my painting of one of my favorite spots in San Francisco.  Here is a reminder:
At that time I never would of thought that my Palace of Fine Arts painting and dress that started 2017 would predict the future.  I say this because 2017 ended with me showcasing my newest collection named "Fairest of Them All" right at the Palace of Fine Arts, as the featured headline designer at the first-ever new years in this historic location.
It was a part of the amazing Imagine event by Donovan Friedman of ThemeDream Productions.  Brad Carrick of Creative Startup Labs was the producer of the exhibit and Owen Geronimo of San Francisco Fashion Week was the choreographer.  Let me tell you it was huge!
Take a look below at the amazing photos by our photographer Lance Miller!  Also, the entire collection is now available for purchase right here on my website and soon will be available on Amazon and the stores all over Bay Area starting next month.  Buy now on my website and you will be among the first to own a truly special piece, not just of my work, but I'd like to think of San Francisco history! :)  Enjoy.



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