Signature Collection & Fall Tour

Dear friends,
Starting this Saturday and for the next month I am going on my Fall Art and Fashion tour covering East and South Bay Area as well as Los Angeles featuring my Signature Collection of dresses and paintings. This collection combines some brand new designs and paintings along with a selection of my most popular pieces from previous collections, but in more revolving and reinvented form. The idea for this collection is inspired my love of books, movies, music, travel, as well as YOU! My dear friends and clients are the ones who truly inspired this collection with very helpful feedback on what they would like to see added or evolved in my designs. For example some people mentioned on how they would like to see certain paintings of mine as well as my designs combined into one. The good news here is that this is not just a spring or summer collection it's an ALL SEASON, multi-functional collection that will be constantly evolving. I have big plans for this collection for the years ahead.
Starting this Saturday, September 23, my East Bay friends can check out sneak preview of this collection at an exclusive mansion "Hollywood Night" soiree. 
The following weekend, Sept 30-Oct 1, my South Bay friends can check out my monthly Art and Fashion Exhibit featuring  some of my limited edition pieces from the Signature Collection at Kashmir Art Gallery on Santana Row in San Jose.
Finally, on October 11 I am going to present my entire Signature Collection of dresses and paintings in Los Angeles as part of LA Fashion Week.  We are featuring special appearances and modeling by members of the Kardashian family! If you are in LA you can come and check it out! 
(All the items will be available for purchase after each event.)

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