Top MM-Moments of 2017!

2017 was a wild ride for MM Art & Fashion.  As I reflect on the year, I wanted to thank all those who were a part of it and invite everyone to take a stroll through the year with me, whether to remember some great experiences, or to catch up if you may have missed some.  Hard to pick, but here are my 9 top moments from the year.

1.  LA Fashion Week Showcase in a Malibu mansion.   In a foreshadowing of things to come, I featured my Palace of Fine Arts gown and painting with the same name modeled by Kim Kardashian's cousin Natalie Zettel.  This later led to my latest exhibit for my new collection at the real Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco! 

2.  Amazon.  It has long been a goal of mine to sell on, the world's leading e-commerce site.  It took some work but I am proud to say that in 2017 we achieved that and you can check out and shop my storefront here.  We will continue to add items and build out the store this year.  Stay tuned!  :) 

3.  Kashmir Art Gallery on Santana Row. 

Santana Row is the number one destination in Silicon Valley for high end shopping and entertainment.  I remember taking a stroll down Santana Row with my friend Anita and sharing my thoughts with her about my dream of having my designs there. As we walked we stumbled upon a beautiful art gallery named Kashmir. As I went inside the gallery it felt like coming into a royal palace from a fairy tale. Both me and  Anita were greeted by the handsome owner of the gallery Waseem Raja who gave us a tour of the gallery and told us the beautiful the story behind each treasure.  Waseem asked me to show him my work. The next thing I knew, he offered to do a 3 day pop up exhibit featuring my designs. The event went so well that we decided to do more events like this and Waseem offered to place my designs and paintings in his store. As result my designs are now available at Kashmir Art Gallery on Santana Row on permanent basis. Also every one to two months I bring in new works. Also, starting this year we are going to bring new accessory designers every month! Come and check out our first event this year on February 3rd from 4 to 9pm featuring my designs from The Fairest of Them All Couture collection along with my brand new hand painted beret collection for men and women! We are bringing talented Olga Kholodenko of OKO Handbags featuring her new collection if bags and accessories. Also, we are going to to chocolate tasting in celebration of Valentine's Day. :) Click here to RSVP for our event. 

4.  Expansion into Bossini Stores.  I have been working with the Bossini store located at the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara since 2015. Last year, the owner of Bossini Anjum Sandhu opened his second Bossini store at the San Francisco Premium Outlets Mall located in Livermore, where I was invited to present my collection alongside a Versace collection. I am honored and humbled to be the only local designer having my designs featured next to this icon. If you are in East Bay come and check out my collection at Bossini store in Livermore!

5.  West Coast Leather Store on Union Square in San Francisco.  While I have done many shows in San Francisco, I never had a permanent location where I showcase my work -- until recently. Thanks to Skip Pas, the legendary designer and owner of West Coast Leather, who noticed my work and offered to showcase my designs in his store. Also, we collaborated on a special hand painted leather dress, which I designed for Skip's West Coast Leather Art Collection and which was recognized by legendary San Francisco mayor Willie Brown when he was visiting his store last month. If you are in San Francisco come and check it out at 363 Grant Ave.  :)

6.  Collaboration with OKO Handbags.  Certainly one of the highlights of last year was meeting a great new friend and talented leather accessories designer Olga Kholodenko.  I met Olga at the local holiday fair and was fascinated with her work.  This wonderful friendship resulted in amazing collaboration of couture hand painted Zodiac Leather Purse Collection which you can check out now on my website.  We also threw an amazing collection launch party and show at the SF University Club, which will not soon be forgotten!  

7.  SkinTie Collaboration.  My first ever licensing deal was signed this year with French Tie designer Christophe Shuhmann. We collaborated on a special design for Christophe's Couture  Collection which was based on my Paris painting. It was debuted at the SkinTie Annual Party in November and now this design can be yours. Check it our at the SkinTie official website:
8.  MM Art & Fashion Showroom Grand Opening.  In August of 2017 MM Art & Fashion opened it's doors to public for the first time with the special Art and Fashion Exhibit of new collection  along with special collaborative line of hats with millinery designer from New York Irina Dratva. The hats were based on my original paintings (which inspired me to create my new line of hand painted berets!)  Also, starting  in spring / summer of this year I am going to host interesting exhibits, workshops, and seminars on  art and fashion with new and interesting  people.  You can check out my showroom by scheduling an appointment through my website or by contacting me directly:408-497-3959
9.  The "Fairest of Them All" Art and Fashion Exhibit at the Palace of Fine Arts.  Last but certainly not least, on new years eve, my dream to do a show at the Palace of Fine Arts finally came true. Thanks to my dear friends and colleagues Brad Carrick of Creative Startup Labs, Donovan Friedman of ThemeDream Productions, and Owen Geronimo of SF Fashion Week for making it happen and for believing in me! From now on it's just getting bigger and better.  This was the first-ever NYE event at the Palace of Fine Arts and truly was a historic and memorable occasion.  Now this collection is posted and available for purchase on my website:  
Thanks again to all who were a part of this fantastic year and I can't wait to make more memories in 2018.  It is already off to a great start!
-Mariya :)


  • Mariya Milovidova

    Thank you dear Olga and Marina. Your friendship , support, and creativity truly inspire me. And honored to know you both as amazing artists and wonderful friends. :)

  • Olga Kholodenko (OKOhandbags)

    It was my pleasure collaborating with you on the Zodiac handbag collection and a successful fashion show! I hope we will have many more in the years to come!

  • Marina Hanson

    Masha, you’re incredibly talented and driven artist! I’m so very happy for you and am proud of all of your achievements! Congrats on your success!

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