Meet Mariya (Bio & Appointment Booking)

Mariya is an artist, a fashion designer and an entrepreneur. She has attracted celebrity clients from Hollywood to Bollywood, and been featured in fashion weeks from Paris to New York, to her base in San Francisco. She has turned heads in the fashion world, from her famous custom paintings put on silk dresses to technology inspired vests that light up to music, voices and, innevitably, applause. Contact her to find out more - and be prepared to find your next favorite piece.
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Mariya Milovidova was born in Odessa,the beautiful city in Ukraine by the Black Sea where she attended Greckov Art School studying the techniques of old school European masters. Currently she resides in San Francisco Bay Area where she graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelors in Art & Textile Deign. Mariya specializes in one of a kind wearable art as well as traditional media such as drawing and painting on paper and canvas. She has participated in numerous fashion and art shows all over the Bay Area some of which include De Young Museum Fashion Exhibit dedicated to Jean Paul Gautier, San Francisco Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. She currently works with private clients and boutiques.

Brand History: 

Mariya Milovidova Art and Fashion is the foremost brand that combines the principles of art and fashion into a single form. We started with a hand painted collection and eventually expended into using 3d printing technology in addition to traditional fabric painting techniques. The inspiration for all of our collections comes from love of music, film, travel, fashion and art.