Patented Side-Lacing Design

About two years ago, I started working on a special element of my designs featuring lacing on the sides, which could be used on a dress, tunic, shirt, or a jacket of any style.  More than just a design element, the lacing makes the garment flexible and functional in terms of sizing.  A size 12 or 14 garment with this lacing can be the same garment as a size 0.
I knew that this design element would make a difference for many women.  Personally, I've had countless times when I would go shopping and find a dress that I liked, but was disappointed when the dress was slightly too big, or slightly too small, or just didn't sit right in certain areas, be it chest, hips, waist etc.  To avoid this problem, I worked in lacing on the sides of my designs, which provides more room for the chest and the hips and can also be loosened or tightened in the waist area as well as adjusted in the chest the hips areas if needed.  Not only does this fit different body types of differentwomen, it can adjust to the changes and variations over time that we women experience with our own bodies.