Rumi Collection

This is my Holiday Unique Mini Collection that was just presented at the Rumi Awards. The black and white painting is called " Daphna", the blue one is called "Tears in Heaven".  The gown is named "Two Become One" here is why...
This one-of-a-kind silk art gown consists of both paintings printed one over another by accident. Typically, I use individual art prints to design dresses that were featured in New York and Paris Fashion Weeks - and for collections that were featured in publications such as New York Times and Elle Magazine. However, my idea for this mini-collection started with this gown as work in progress. Originally, I had a very different idea with where I wanted this collection to go. However, once I found this particular ling silk print with two of my artworks combined, I became curious. I wanted to see what it would look like if I made something of it. I started draping the print around the mannequin and was playing it with by pinning it in all the right and wrong places :) Finally, I saw it. I got my result and couldn't believe that originally I wanted to through it away because of this "accidental print".
The lesson learned here, in art, nothing is accidental. Everything happens for a reason.  I hope you enjoy it! :)
Special thanks to:
Photographer: Lance Miller
Model: Flora Anne